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Higher Learning Inc. Programming Comes to an End

In 2009, Roxanna Harlow left her tenured position as a sociology professor at McDaniel College and founded Higher Learning, Inc. with 15 middle school and 9 high school students. We made due with conference room chairs and tables, chart paper instead of a chalk board, a stretch of grass for a lunchroom, and carpooling for field trips.
Since then, Higher Learning has delivered six different programs, developed eight partnerships, and served over 300 students (88% low income). Our students have learned from experts and professors, visited 12 colleges, participated in Common Ground on the Hill Traditions Weeks classes, and traveled abroad to three different countries! Our students have described the program as "life changing," "amazing," and "eye-opening and empowering."
We're proud of our students and what we've accomplished over these six years! With the support of our donors, partners, and volunteers, we have offered our students unique educational experiences that they would never otherwise have (see our Facebook page for info. on our final summer session. Click above to access our 2014 Annual Report).
Higher Learning Inc. sincerely thanks everyone who donated money, goods, services, and/or time to HL. The contribution, whatever the size, let us know that they supported this program and our students. Our donors and supporters made a significant difference in our students' lives over the last six years!  
Although we'll no longer be offering direct educational programming, Higher Learning is offering significant funding support for students and alumni. Using our remaining resources, we will help to cover the cost for students to enroll in other educational or developmental programs.  In addition, students new to HL are eligible, but existing Higher Learning students get first priority.
Higher Learning is also helping to cover costs for alumni who need support for college, career, or other post-high school related development activities.

Check our Facebook page for updates on how our students and alums have used their Higher Learning grant funding.

Our Newest High School Graduates - Congratulations!

Higher Learning congratulates the following students, now Higher Learning Alumni, on their 2015 high school graduation:

  • Bobby Alexander
  • Michael Arthur, Jr.
  • Nathan Graham
  • Mischka Johnson
  • Tiffany Jones
  • Ryan Kwaku-Mensah
  • Tameem McClinton
  • Kiara Mills
  • Ivanna Parry
  • Bryonna Richards

 Check out our Facebook Page for pictures of some of the graduates!

Higher Learning Travels Abroad!

During Higher Learning's 2013 Summer Session II, a group of Higher Learning high school students traveled to Rabat, Morocco! 

See pictures and read about our trip on Facebook.  You don't need to have a Facebook account or sign into Facebook to view our notes and pictures.

Higher Learning Summer 2014 Award Winners!

Higher Learning Mental Marvel Award:
Mr. Michael Arthur, Ms. Cashannah Costley, Mr. Kevin Kwaku-Mensah


This is the most prestigious award and goes to the student who best demonstrates the characteristics and thoughtfulness of a Higher Learning Mental Marvel: someone who puts group needs over their individual needs, demonstrates depth of thought, thoughtfulness, participation, and conduct that regularly brings pride to Higher Learning, their family and themselves.

Higher Learning Leadership Potential Award: 
Ms. Mischka Johnson

This award goes to the student who demonstrated leadership or the potential for it, took initiative, and was respected by peers throughout the Higher Learning program session.

Higher Learning Knowledge Building Award:  
Ms. Cashannah Costley and Mr. Kevin Kwaku-Mensah


This award goes to the student who has gained and retained the most knowledge throughout the Higher Learning program session.

Higher Learning Spirit Award:
Mr. Guy Roger Mbongue

This award goes to the student who reflects the inner spirit of a Higher Learning mental marvel by having a positive attitude, looking to learn, contributing to the Higher Learning community, and putting forth their best effort each day during the Higher Learning program session.


Higher Learning Ceserstisees Award:
Mr. Michael Arthur

This award goes to the student who earned the greatest number of Higher Learning Points (ceserstisees) during the Higher Learning Summer Program.

Higher Learning Team Award:
Team Fluffy Unicorns: Cashannah Costley, Mischka Johnson, Donyell Mack, Guy Mbongue, Keirra Willis

Runners Up - Team Black: Jordan Jackson, Tiara Jones, Kevin Kwaku-Mensah, Josiah Reynolds, Jordan Tuekam Wabo

This award goes to the student team that earns the most Ceserstisees during the Higher Learning Summer Program. 


Congratulations to all of the Higher Learning Award Winners!

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Higher Learning Inc. Programming Comes to an End

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Our Newest High School Graduates!

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Higher Learning Travels Abroad!

Higher Learning high school students visit Rabat, Morocco!

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2015 Annual Report

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